About us

The Company

CIMA LEATHER GOODS was founded in 1960 as a modest atelier devoted to the manufacture of small leather goods. Over the years, in response to markets demands, this little workshop transformed into the corporation it is today, specializing in the manufacture of all kinds of leather fashion goods and accessories of the highest quality.

We are manufacturers

Our craftsmen are capable of developing a full range of leather goods, from simple card holders to the most intricate handmade goods. Fashionable bags, wallets, luggage cases and tech accessories are all brought to life at our facility.

Made in Spain

Our facilities are located in the renowned Andalusian town of Ubrique, known as one of the leading players in the global leather goods industry. This unique placement enables us to work alongside some of the best craftsmen in the world and gives us access to a professional and specialized suppliers network. Working in Spain means that your designs and information are protected under European Intellectual Property Laws and the most advanced Protection of Personal Data regulations. Working under European regulations you can safely guarantee the environmental management of the waste generated when producing your goods or collection.